TV Time! R

Thank-you for tuning in to today’s A to Z! Us Wafflings are warming up our vocals for this one as we step foot into outer space!

Image result for red dwarf

‘3 Million Years from Earth, the mining ship Red Dwarf

Its crew: Dave Lister, the last crew member alive Arnold Rimmer, a hologram simulation of his dead bunkmate
Cat, a humanoid, evolved from Lister’s cat.

Additional: The ship’s crew has come across new members: Kryten, a series 4000 mechanoid rescued from the Nova 5 Navigation Officer Kristine Kochanski, from a parallel universe. I am Holly, the ship’s computer with an IQ of 6000 (and rapidly decreasing). Message Ends.’ – Metacritic

If you aren’t singing or dancing at least play along 😉


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