TV Time! B

Welcome back to Wafflings HQ where we are tuning in our TV’s and realising us wafflings are all a bunch of children! We have spent far too long thinking of a B that wasn’t a kids TV show!

Image result for band of brothers

We soon remembered the many tears we shed whilst watching Band of Brothers and the beautiful yet haunting theme tune that fit perfectly.

‘Band of Brothers is a 10-part miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks for HBO. The miniseries follows Easy Company, an army unit during World War II, from their initial training at Camp Toccoa to the conclusion of the war.

The series is based on the book written by the late Stephen E Ambrose. Tom Hanks approached Steven Spielberg, who just finished production of Saving Private Ryan. Together they approached HBO with their idea. The station was willing to spend a industry record sum of $120m to realize the project.’ – Metacritic

Sorry you will just have to head to YouTube to sing along to Bananas in Pajamas or Bagpus!

Play along and tune in same time tomorrow for more TV A to Z!


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