We’re Under Fire!

As a couple we some how, without ever actually having a conversation about it, came to a mutual agreement that regular date nights had to be a thing. We do all sorts on these dates nights but we predominantly just stuff our faces!

I love getting ready for things like date night, my sitting at home being a slob look really isn’t that attractive but after an hour or so of make up brush torture and bad renditions of my favourite songs I always feel far more confident in myself and dare I say it … pretty!

Case and point!

So that was this weeks look, I went for a 40s vibe, I’m not entirely sure why since we had planned to go to a hip and up to date American Diner! I’m going to blame the fact that my favourite vintage clothes store had a 75% sale on that day! Yes I may have made my bank account cry as it waved good by to all my hard earned pounds!

So there we sit at a table, me trying to convince ourselves that a starter is just asking for trouble, there would be no way we could eat our mains after and Jonathan drooling over the starters anyway. So we ended up with a sharing platter of nachos and some sort of pulled beef on top. They were tasty, amazingly tasty but I’d have quite happily settled with those as my meal!

I may have had to ask my American brother for advice on the drinks to make sure I didn’t order something too crazy! Thanks Skipah! Sipping away at pink lemonade snapple and conversation about food challenges a flowing main course arrived at the table, meat and sweet potato fries over flowing from the plate with my stomach screaming ‘good lord nooooo’ at me I tried to eat. I couldn’t… for a former vagitarian American food is quite the enemy! It’s meat and it’s a heck of a lot of it at that… even with a stomach not previously tested on beefy nachos I couldn’t have eaten all that pork! I’d like to point out that Mr ‘I can totally eat a starter and a main’ couldn’t even finish his food but he did far better than me! 

Pudding, sweets, afters … whatever you call it wherever you may be from was not an option despite the tempting descriptions of American ice creams and pancakes, but our (insanely priced) bill appeared with a lolly pop each so that covered that!

Our drive home was filled with us doing our best Stevie Nicks impressions until a loud crack resonated around the car. I kid you not I may have fleetingly thought we’d gotten  shot at! 3 chips appeared on the windscreen right in the drivers eye line and a few swear words left our mouths… mine in panic and Jonathans in anger. One chip has a diameter of 10mm … That’s a whole cm and for a chip it’s alarmingly big! There’s chips in obnoxiously large cars making up for size remarking enviously that size isn’t everything! Oh I do love a penis joke.

So we are waiting on news as to whether or not the windscreen is to be repaired or replaced and still scratching our heads trying to work out whether or not this would count as a good date or a bad date. I’m thinking neither!


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