Musical Extravaganza!

Good morning you lovely bloggers, readers and internet savvy boys and girls! We’ve had mini break here at Wafflings, I have no excuses… simply I found a new PC game and the gamer in me is purely ecstatic and, yup, addicted. So before I go into my game reviewing head I best kick off the next 26 expected posts and start up the A to Z! (Is that zeee, zed… ZAYYYY. Sorry I’m listening to Beyonce and I got sassy!)

I love me a musical but sadly I found a guy who isn’t really much of a theatre fan and curse you heart for falling for him! Andrew Lloyd Webber I’m sorry… I put a boy first.


where best to start than with A? So to make the possibilities [almost] endless, if you want to play along we’re going for musicals either film, little theatre, west end or Broadway or anything else musical you can think of!


Don’t worry Annie, the sun will come out tomorrow! 😉


Play along and pop back every Tuesday for the Musical Extravaganza!


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