Dear Ex Boyfriend

There’s a really strange thing about breaking up with your playground ‘boyfriend’ his friends stay his friends your friends stay your friends and you become separate groups entirely. When you break up with someone in your adult years you tend to keep friends from both groups (if the break wasn’t too messy at least), in this case I find myself getting little updates of how the ex is doing through friends updating me on their lives and the ex just happened to be involved.

If you bumped into your Ex on the street what would you say?

I recently found out a close friend of mine is on a cheer up mission as his best friend (my ex) is going through a split form his long term girlfriend. I don’t know why, I don’t know what kind of relationship they had and I’m not too fussed to find out. One thing I do know is that I was happy for him when he found another girl and now I find myself feeling a little bit sad for this guy. If I were to bump into him I’d say I was sorry she left him or that he felt the need to leave her (however it went).

I hold no grudges what so ever with this guy, our break up wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t mature and it wasn’t his fault or mine. We just didn’t work and didn’t know how to handle it like responsible adults so we both got mean and we both learnt how cruel we can be.

I hope he finds happiness one day like I’ve found happiness with Jonathan, I hope he finds the same security and love.  In the mean time I hope the support and love of our friend is enough to keep him on his toes.


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