Take a Walk With Me

Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s off to work we go!

I’m extremely lucky in the fact that my work is walking distance from my house, I can wake up at 7:30 (if I’m feeling particularly lazy) get ready, step out the door and be at work for 8:00!

Every morning at 7:45 I step out of my front door and turn my music player on. This morning as I looked up the street I was serenaded Brian Fallon and Gaslight Anthem covering Fake Problems

At the top of the street is a little walk way that leads to a dirt path surrounded by high fences until i turn a corner and am greeted by a field full of horses.



After trying and failing (like every morning) to get the horses attention my music player moves on.


After crossing a busy road I have to walk along another busy road, look for rabbits in the over grown plot of land and dream of what my life could be if I bought one of those cars from the garage.


Daydreams of gum ball rallies are cut short when I walk past where they store the garbage collection trucks, despite attempts to hide the place with as many high growing plants and trees as possible its still a pretty strange smell to walk past early on a morning! Queue another music change just as I walk onto the huge shared complex where my office is.


Halfway through that final song and after walking passed everyone else’s rubbish here I am, ready to start my day!

I hope you enjoyed taking a walk with me and have a good Monday! xx


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