Alone Time…

We all do weird things when we’re alone, some weirder then others…

I like the number 5, its a good number, so here’s 5 weird things I do when I’m alone;

  1. My walking turns into dancing, no matter where I’m walking to in the house or why I’m walking there if I’m alone I’ll dance there! Cheezburger animals dancing cute walking
  2.  I’ve been Surprise  greeted by the WTF face more often than I like to count! My thoughts become verbalised, its no good when someone walks into the house unexpected because I could loudly be discussing my sex life with myself or complex and illegal plans (that I’ll never actually carry out) to get rich.  the californians snl laughing bill hader corpsing
  3. I like to pretend I can sing (I really can’t folks) but I’m 27 and still sing into my hair brush like I’m the future Kate Bush … I don’t know why I chose Kate Bush! Hey, sometimes my living room is filled with an imaginary crowd that love me! dancing anna kendrick hairbrush singing music video justin timberlake
  4. Use a finger (that hasn’t previously been digging in my ear or scratching a yet to be showered armpit) and eat almost an entire jar of chocolate spread, after all we don’t want to create more washing do we!? (I stopped buying to try and kick the habit, but it soon turned into finger eating treacle or peanut butter and when times are desperate I’ll attack a jar of jam. I’m a monster.)Cheezburger spoon dish washing
  5. I pee with the bathroom door open and if the cat wants to sit on my lap I don’t fight it. Sometimes bathroom company is nice alright! cat kitten bathroom toilet paper




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