My Life In May


I decided to get my DIY head on this month and instead of trying to navigate myself round Ikea and it’s one way walk system (if you’ve never been it’s harder than it sounds) I just revamped the old furniture! 4 coats of Chalk White and the nerd shelves look brand new! Otis did walk along the bottom shelf while I screamed ‘NOOOO WET PAINT’ at him… I suppose he was only trying to help but his little paw prints got painted over.


The boyfriend and I are quite partial to a table top war game every now and again, we have sacrificed a guest room and turned it into a games room … so my job was to put together some buildings! I built a rather wonky well from the spare bits of wood I had.


Despite the occasional sunny day we are still having cold nights here in the UK and the cats have become master blanket hogs! It’s a good job they’re so cute!


We celebrated my dad’s birthday with a Eurovision Song Contest party and a giant Thorntons chocolate cake with some fancy candles that had funky coloured flames! Thanks to the bottle of whisky Jonathan and I bought dad we didn’t see much of the Eurovision but we were rather close to seeing the bottom of that bottle!


A few month ago I met a fellow blogger for the first time and we became firm friends! (She really is a rock star … you should check her out!) We invited Gemma and her lovely hubby over and they brought this little excitable bundle of joy with them! Walter the dachshund is so cute and tried very hard to make friends with our rabbit, Gregory House is a grumpy bunny but he was friendlier than the cats were!


Our gardens finally got some much needed tender loving care and our bee house has some new residents… they don’t have wings and have an extra pair of legs but as long as they don’t bother the bees I suppose they can stay!


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