A-Z Movie Music! Q

Like the doom of pulling Q out of the letters bag in scrabble I’ve been worrying about this one!! Not as Much as I’m Worrying about X though!

So without further ado I bring you this weeks Two for Tuesdays

It took me a while but I eventually thought of the end credits to The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, which was a film I didn’t really enjoy but I do love the soundtrack! So I give you Queen Bitch by David Bowie used in the end credits!

Lets have some of the rather sexy Daniel Craig and the Quantum Of Solace for our bonus.


So don’t forget, its a song from a movie beginning with Q and a movie beginning with Q with a cool song for a bonus! Why don’t you play along in the comments and pop back every Tuesday for the next Installment of two for Tuesdays?


2 thoughts on “A-Z Movie Music! Q

  1. Grrrrr, you took my Quantum of Solace reference………hmmmmm There was the god awful Kevin Bacon movie titled Quicksilver that featured the song Quicksilver Lightning by Roger Daltrey…yeah I had to Google the song also. Que Sera, Sera was a hit before any of us were born for Doris Day that went along with her role in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller The Man Who Knew Too Much.

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