A-Z Movie Music! H

Give me a H! (Oooh I almost got out my pompoms then, sounded like a cheer was about to start!) Two for Tuesdays is here already!

Hero by Chad Kroeger and Josey Scott from the Movie Spider Man

Harry Potter for Our Bonus! (of course)

So don’t forget, its a song from a movie beginning with H and a movie beginning with H with a cool song!

Love to all my readers! xx




One thought on “A-Z Movie Music! H

  1. Hmmmm……all the ways to use the letter H. If you turn it sideways it looks like the roman numeral for the number one. It also was the beginning letter of a “Hard Day’s Night” film starring the Beatles and…wait for it….BAM, the soundtrack for the song is coincidentally “Hard Day’s Night”, Getting my inner Brit out with that one :), don’t forget also that Herbie Hancock had an instrumental hit for the movie Beverly Hills Cop way back in the day.

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