A Bit Of Fun

Ok we all know my love of A to Z’s and I stumbled upon this little questionnaire, so thought I’d give it a go!

Twenty-six things about me…

A- Age: 27 in 17 days (I’m so excited, we’re having a night out round the local fun zone drinking, bowling, lazer zoning, eating or whatever takes our fancy!)

B- Biggest fear: Losing my memory or losing control of myself (I have full blown panic attacks if I feel like I’m not in control)

C- Current time: 09:42am

D- Drink you last had: Black Coffee and I’m still not fully awake! 

E- Every day starts with: Spending far too long convincing myself I can’t get away with staying in bed!

F- Favorite song: Far too many but at the moment I think it would have to be Brain Fallon – Smoke

G- Ghosts, are they real: Maybe! I’m undecided despite many hours thinking about it.

H- Hometown: Castleford

I- In love with: My darling other half Jonathan

J- Jealous of: Not a right lot

K- Killed someone: I may have fleetingly thought about it…

L- Last time you cried: 2 week ago. I got home from work, stood in the middle of the room and just broke down. John came home to me in a right state and I couldn’t tell him why I felt so broken because I had no idea!

M- Middle name: Louise. I love my middle name!

N- Number of siblings: 1 and an in-law

O- One wish: Happiness and Health for my friends and family

P- Person you last called: Manager at a site we’re working on to tell him he’s a tool! Maybe in a more polite manner! (non work related – Jonathan probably to remind him to get toilet roll or something!)

Q- Question you’re always asked: ‘Are you able to do my job for me?’ (OK maybe that’s just how I feel haha) Erm probably ‘are you going to the gym?’

R- Reason to smile: I’m loved

S- Song last sang: I can’t remember … I’m always singing! Possibly David Bowie – Heroes

T- Time you woke up: 7:25 am

U- Underwear color: Black, White and Purple

V- Vacation destination: I really really want to go to Rome… but I’ll settle for anywhere right now!

W- Worst habit: Picking spots… (gross I know!)

X-X-Ray’s you’ve had: 4 possibly (mainly on my jaw and teeth!)

Y- Your favorite food: Do creme eggs count as food??

Z- Zodiac sign: Pisces

Nominate 8 people:
1) Jonathan and Aaron
2) Tony
3) Oldmamoon
4) Matt
5) Pandas In Binary 
6) Skipah
7) Lost  To The Dark
8) Swapnil Vajpayee

And anyone else who fancies giving it a go! Don’t forget to check out the above blogs and give them some love!


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