Random Wafflings and Sound Advice

Work, Work, Work


It is days like these that I find myself sat twiddling my thumbs at work, I hate days that drag like this it seems to take forever for the clock to chime Home Time unlike busy days where Home Time just leaps up on you out of nowhere! I’m stuck with not a right lot to do as part of my job means I have to request approval for jobs to be carried out, costings and payments. (They like to keep a close eye on us to make sure we aren’t just doing stuff for the sake of a bit of extra cash and their buildings are actually generally falling to the ground)

For those of you who aren’t aware I work for a property maintenance company, I spend the majority of my mornings telling my team of engineers what sites need fixing for that week and the last hour of my day making sure they have actually done the work. The time in between I’m invoicing for jobs previously carried out and during this time I end up entertaining myself thanks to my imagination. So at the end of the job summaries  I put ‘tested operations and left in working order’ for most jobs just to cover our backs if things break again, I end up with little images in my head of engineers testing the works they’ve done! For example;

  • Replaced defective toilet seat, tested operation and left in working order… Here I end up with images of my plumber sitting on the loo with a concentration tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth and jiggling about as violently as possible to ensure durability.
  • Supplied and fitted replacement door, tested operation and left in working order… Here I end up with images of my joiner jumping up and swinging from side to side one the door like an over grown man child to make sure the door wont fall off.
  • Replaced brickwork to blah blah blah, blah, tested operation blah blah bla… Here I have images of my builders running like bulls into the walls at full speed to ensure durability.

Yep my head entertains me greatly!

Blogger Friends and Their Helping Hands!


On another note, a blogger friend of mine has recently wrote an excellent post offering advice for anyone going through the dreaded divorce. I’m not even getting divorced and I got helpful tips on money saving anyway! So I strongly urge anyone to check it out! You can find it by clicking HERE!

Another lovely bloggy friend of mine has been guest blogging for a sort of self help site for anxiety and depression called Defying Shadows and I think she’s doing an awesome job so check it out and show some love by clicking HERE!

Spring Where Are You?


It was the first day of British spring yesterday and I’m sat here watching giant snow flakes fall and settle! We best have an amazing summer to make up for all the floods, gales and snow we’ve been having!

An Update on The Dodgy Relationship


A while back I posted about a friend of mine who is in a rather strange seeming relationship. You can read it HERE or if you’re lazy a basic summary is that a close friend of mine has been in a relationship for a very short while that she hasn’t talked to us about (at all) and yet this guy whom she met online has told her they will be moving in together and she has to pay for it all and everything has to be in her name, she has never been to his house or met his family and is not allowed to post anything that could link back to him on social media sites or even be his friend on them and he is regularly showering her with really REALLY expensive gifts.

Well things have progressed… They are still moving in together soon, and just yesterday this guy asked my friend to marry her. Despite only being together roughly 2 months and other factors she said yes.

We still haven’t met this guy and despite trying have not been able to get my friend to hang out with us without him, they still aren’t friends on social media, she still hasn’t met his family and she still hasn’t been to his house. She has however sent a photo of this guy to me and our other friend, he looks much older than her and a little… unkept.

Our friend still isnt talking to us about anything unless we force her to and the only way we are getting news is with facebook posts (that still don’t have this guys name on).

We are all so worried about her and have no idea how to look into this and check everything is genuine and we’re just over reacting without pushing her away! Again any advice is welcome!

Thanks for reading and I look forward to catching up with you all! Stay safe 🙂




5 thoughts on “Random Wafflings and Sound Advice

  1. Your friend is going through some kind of crisis this is not rational behaviour! (See what I did their?) Thanks for the shout out and you will never have to worry about getting divorced when you ever get married. Why? Because you are awesome and awesome people don’t end up getting divorced (except me, but my ex has is having her own mid life crisis).

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