I just finished watching the Amy Winehouse documentary that won a BAFTA this year for best documentary. It was hard to watch… I had to do 2 sittings! It made me feel absolutely crushed and heartbroken for this woman that I have never known.

She was broken far before the vultures of fame got a hold of her. Fame just destroyed her.

I strongly recommend you watch Amy by Asif Kapadia, it shows the struggles of eating disorders, depression, alcoholism and addiction and just how brutal the human race can be to someone struggling in life so much. She struggled daily and had people following her, trying to get a rise out of her purely for a bit of cash in their back pocket with not even a shred of human decency, no empathy and not an ounce of sympathy. She was pushed and prodded by the professionals to be a star, she was harassed by paparazzi to be anything worthy of a story and she was judged by ‘fans’ for not being enough. From day one she said she didn’t want the fame.

“If I could give it all back, just to walk down that street with no hassle I would.” – Amy

I’ve always agreed that someone who is in the public eye for singing or acting or any other talent should be treated just like any other human being. They love, they hate, they feel and they break just like you and me. I was once in a pub and Neil Morrissey walked in, my friends got excited and rushed over for photos and autographs with the man who voiced Bob the Builder, Behaved badly (Men Behaving Badly TV series) and so much more. I didn’t, he’s gone to the pub with his friends for a few pints and some down time so I left him alone despite my friends badgering me to go have a photo with him. It’s like going home from work and complete strangers demanding you to carry on working… I’d hate that!

“It was like a feeding frenzy…” “she couldn’t escape it, no one would leave her alone, it was just disgusting, the main stream media was just all over her.”

“She told everybody she didn’t want to do it, but apparently she had to do it, can’t go anywhere, cant hide anything but she needed an escape…”

I hate magazines that post pictures of someone without make up or with a sweat patch or whatever else human that they decree as ‘shocking’ or ‘disgusting’. Its wrong and its sick. Woman and men in the public eye constantly get ridiculed for their image, one month they’re ‘too fat’ the next they’re ‘too skinny,’ their nose is too big, lips too small knees too knobbly and yet those who feel they have to go to the extremes of surgery to alter such things also get ridiculed for not accepting their ‘natural beauty’. Media sets too high and too unrealistic contradicting expectations of the famous.

I always wished I could sing or have the patience to learn to play guitar (my knowledge of the pink panther tune and a couple of power cords don’t cut it) but I’d never ever wish to take such skills so high as to constantly be in the public eye though. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

“I don’t think I’m gonna be at all famous. I don’t think I could handle it,” she said. “I would probably go mad.”


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