Yes the chick in the long term relationship has wrote such a title and used such an image, here’s why;

I’ve been with my partner for almost 6 years now and we have always agreed that Valentines isn’t a day we’d put much effort into. We’ve spent (almost) every day reminding each other that we love each other and that we’re stuck with each other now and if we see something in a shop we think the other will like we just get it, we don’t wait for a day to cover a nice thought in red hearts and wilting roses.

However I’m a little bitter this Valentines day, so far I’ve spent it squeezing black heads, washing up, drinking far too much orange juice, scratching my bum and contemplating if I can be arsed pushing the Hoover about. I’ve done all this alone, St Valentines decided to grace my boyfriend with a migraine so he has spent the entire day so far in bed with a mountain of pillows and cats over his head. Yep I’ve said we don’t do Valentines and yet I’m complaining.

I’ve never had luck on Valentines days, past boyfriends have left me, cheated on me or ditched me for friends on the 14th of February so when the guy before John spent the entire day accusing me of running off with another man (I hadn’t and still have no idea why or how he got the idea in his head) I decided that Valentines day really isn’t a day for me. So for the past 5 years me and Jonathan have exchanged cards, kisses and sat in our own filth watching movies together or playing games for the entire day and maybe if we’re feeling flush we get a little experimental with dinner (get your head out of the gutters folks, we just have something different to eat, there’s no blind folds sat in front of the fridge).

So this year while I receive messages from friends running along the lines of ‘OMG she got new underwear just for me ­čśë ‘ or ‘hehe! he got me roses and chocolate liquor, he loves me so much’, I sit here and think about all my friends sat doing the exact same thing as me and I get a little pang of sympathy for them. Valentines day really is a horrible day, it’s just a day to remind the single that they’re waking up alone, spending the day alone and watching all the romance unfold around them, without them.

I’m lucky to have such a strong relationship and a guy that I love with my entire heart… but I really wish I had his company today. How in the heck do you single folks put up with all this nauseating romance, I’m struggling and I’m not even single!

So to all my single friends and readers, have a little love from me and to all my friends and readers in relationships… I’m happy you have someone but spare a thought for that single mate of yours! Tell them how much you care about them … after all why does the love of St Valentines Day have to be solely for that boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband of yours, you’ve got a hell of a lot more love in there for others in your life and you know it, do they?!

Happy Valentines Sunday boys and girls! ÔŁĄ


Picture courtesy of Cafepress



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