Dodgy Characters?

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Image pinched from the Daily Mail… thanks Google Images!

Something a little strange is going on! I woke myself up last night panicking that my friends could be being groomed for sex and drugs…

An over reaction on my part there but I’m going to let my half asleep brain off for that one as something odd is definitely going on with a friend of mine!

So I have known (lets call her) Naomi since I was 10, as has my good friend (lets call her) Chloe … Hey! You can’t be too sure who’s reading this and who might get into whatever kind of further madness or mess!

Since that first day of deciding we were a trio for life we have told each other everything. From the grisly details to the minor trivial ones as only girly best friends can. Naomi has always been a bit of a recluse, she’s happier in her own company, always has an excuse to not come out and we really struggle to keep her involved in things but that’s how she chooses to be and she’s happy, this doesn’t mean she doesn’t talk to us regularly though.

Naomi hasn’t had much luck with guys, she’s been in relationships with three guys in total. The first left her for a bloke and the second always flirted with other women in front of her to annoy her. Now … the 3rd is the current guy. We have known and been good friends with Naomi for years and the first we heard of this guy was a Facebook post yesterday morning with a picture of a Pandora necklace worth £129.00, £22.00 chocolates, £80.00 perfume and a teddy with an I love you heart and the tag line ‘my early valentines gifts, I’m such a lucky girl.’

Chloe is a beautician and Naomi rang her to ask if she’d do her nails, so she booked her in for yesterday afternoon. Chloe naturally asked her about this new guy and reported back to a confused me. So here’s what we have learnt so far;

  • We are unaware of any last name and are unsure of the first name we were given
  • She has no photos of this guy despite them spending almost every night together (Naomi is a great lover of the selfie, her past boyfriends were always in a nightly selfie)
  • They met on-line about a month ago
  • This guy has said that he doesn’t use Facebook often so isn’t going to add her, he also said that he cannot put anything about his relationship status or any photos because of work
  • He has his own place but chooses to stay at Noami’s where she currently lives with her mum.
  • She has not been to his place.
  • They’re moving in together in a few week into a totally new place
  • He’s making her buy new furniture on finance in her name
  • He is from Brotherton, a small village that non of us have heard of until now. (it is a real village)
  • We cannot find a guy on Facebook from Brotherton with his first name.
  • They are already onto ‘I love you’
  • He has apparently spent fortunes on her already (not including the Valentines gifts)
It’s just so odd… we can’t think of any logical explanations for the secretiveness (is that a word?) Or for her not wanting to brag about this new guy to her best friends, or for rushing into things so quick! I love yous and moving ins already!? Chloe and I are really bad for jumping to conclusions and always assuming the worst. That’s just the type of people we are. However we can’t help but think something is amiss here! Why so much secrecy? Why has Naomi not wanted to gather us and excitedly tell us about this guy as she has with the other guys in the past?

We concluded that maybe he’s a married man, or there’s some other deep dark secret, or maybe he’s imaginary. Maybe we’re just paranoid and care for Naomi far too much so read into innocent things far too much…What do you think? Any opinion or advice on how to approach Naomi would be hugely HUGELY appreciated! We’re at a loss…



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