Psychic Credibility?

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Hello readers, I had a tough time sleeping last night due to my brain being very good at thinking about things that don’t or no longer need thinking about. All night my head was fleeting back and forth about a conversation I had with my closest friend.

It went something along these lines;

Claire: Do you believe in Psychic Mediums? 

Me: Not really chick. My Great Gran (I think it was her, I’m sure my dad will correct me when he sees this post) was one and she’s the only person that anybody in my family ever believed. She told my dad his entire future working career and got it perfect. But I’ve not been convinced by anyone else, why? Maybe because I witnessed the real thing so can’t be fooled!

Claire: Because one of my clients goes to see one regularly and she gets everything right and today she asked if she knew anyone called Claire and said she worked in the beauty industry and that there was going to be some relevance of the name Sarah to me and that it would be something that I told Kath about when it happened. And I’m confused.

(now we both know a lot of Sarah’s and Claire is in fact a beautician)

Me: So she’s saying something is going to happen with a Sarah and you’re going to talk to Kath about it?

Claire: Yep

Me: That could be anything. Could be something my sister in law does, or a client called Sarah? It could be anything! I wouldn’t read too much into it beautiful.

This was followed by loads of ideas that this possibly could mean, that I can’t really share as it gets rather personal for Claire. But she automatically jumped to negative conclusions.

Me: Maybe mystery Sarah actually does something nice! We automatically jumped to negative! Could be positive

Claire: I always do that though, my mind prefers to assume negative and come up with all sorts of awful situations for me to worry about.

Me: I bet it’ll be a good thing! As much as you like Kath I’m not sure you’ll go to her about a life changing negativity. . . You’d go to your mum and bottle it up from the world, cause you’re like that. Anyway, now a days how easy is it for a ‘psychic medium’ to just pop on Facebook, pick out a handful of your friends and make up some vague story about them that could literally mean anything! I mean your profile says your friends with a couple Sarahs, it also says you’re a beautician, friends of friends can see that. I’m not saying this one that sees your client is a Facebook stalker at all. But it’s so easy for someone to claim psychic powers with how much people share about themselves on-line! Who knows!?

Claire: Wow I never ever thought that!

And then we went on to planning a mass money making scam of internet stalking people and claiming we’re Psychic by telling people vague things from information plucked off of their internet footprint. Then ended our conversation in our usual way;

Me: Night night beautiful! Luv ya muchoes number 1!!

Claire: Niiiigghhhhhttttttt loves you too! Thanks for your help.

 I may have changed spellings and blanked out the personal bits but that was pretty much our conversation on-line last night. The topic that kept me up for hours pondering the possibilities of mystery Sarah and my best friend, how easy it is to fake psychic powers in a modern world and if I really believe it at all possible.
I’m a sucker for giving myself a fright and love watching those ghost hunting programs, I never really believe anything on there but it scares me like any horror movie would and leaves my imagination playing havoc. The only time I turn these ghost programmes off is when they have a psychic medium, they annoy me, they over play, they over dramatise and most of the time tell you things easily found in a history book despite claiming to not know anything about the place prior (all easy lies to pull off to the gullible).
What do you think? Have you ever had an experience with Psychic Mediums? Do you think Claire’s experience could be credible? Please comment below, I’d love to hear (or should that be read) your thoughts!
Love to all my readers xx






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