Get With The (Music) Times!


I decided to re-live a huge part of my youth and watch music videos from the 90’s. Now I’m what some people would call a Rock chick and some would call me Punk, some stretch far enough to Goth or the 90’s favourite Mosher (minus the clothes) others simply call me diverse when it comes to my music tastes, but I have found that on 9 out of 10 of the videos I have watched there’s guaranteed to be a comment along the lines of ‘they don’t make music like this nowadays’ or ‘I wish I was born in this decade, today’s music is terrible’. These comments annoyed me and it seems a few others lurking around on YouTube.

  • Today’s music is terrible:

No it really isn’t, whilst I assume most of these commenters are referring to acts such as Rihanna, Nicki, Drake and Miley and I sure as heck wouldn’t want to be caught busting moves to them in my room, I cannot agree that these constitute as bad music.

My reasoning? they have thousands upon thousands of followers and fans, they chart regularly and the radios want to play them. Surely to have so many people willing to and wanting to listen that would constitute as good music. At the end of the day It’s all down to taste.

I agree that the lyrics don’t have as much depth and meaning as an old fashioned Rock song, occasionally being described as ’empty’ and the singers as ‘puppets to society’ but they’re doing exactly that, they’re playing to societies needs and wants and enjoying themselves whilst doing so. If that’s what society needs or wants does that make it bad? No.

  • I wish I was born in this decade:

This infuriates me purely because of the fact that they wouldn’t have the access to music like we have today. Lets not forget, the internet wasn’t here before us (yes even I was here before the internet)! If you wanted to listen to a song you had to go out and look for it and if you wanted to watch a video you had to wait for it to come on the TV if you were lucky enough to have one.

You don’t have to be born in a certain decade to appreciate the music of that time, its all at your finger tips when ever you want it. You can live in that decade whenever you want with escapism.

Don’t like the music of this decade? Don’t listen to it.

  • They don’t make music like this nowadays;

News flash, they do! Most bands that you’re claiming to miss are most likely still producing music and there’s so many acts out there that make their music influenced by the artists you are comparing modern music to. You just have to look, whilst they may or may not have as much air time as Lady GaGa on the radio they most likely have just as big a foot print on the internet as her and other radio regulars. I find so many new bands and artists to listen to by researching my favourites and following links on music players or websites that recommend ‘similar artists’ that range from the 50’s all the way to today.

Love music enough you’ll find what you want no matter the decade.

What do you think?



Love to all my readers!






4 thoughts on “Get With The (Music) Times!

  1. Oh yeah! Those old time rock bands are still playing. Just not in big venues like before. My husband had the privilege to meet a few while working security for a small venue near us last year.

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