We Could Be Heroes

Yesterday I woke to the sad news of the passing of David Bowie. The majority of my child hood was spent hiding in my bedroom listening to the tape cassettes I borrowed from mum, singing along to every word and enjoying the company of such a unique man.

My Favourite song on my first Bowie experience was Lets Dance.

I’ll always be thankful to my mum for making me listen. Car journeys had David Bowie singing as loud as possible and the living room was often filled with the various stages of David Bowie’s career (even the bits that not a lot of people know about).

One of my best friends is a huge David Bowie fan after I invited her over and insisted she watched Labyrinth with me. Later that day she went home and learnt that her late dad was a massive David Bowie fan and so the obsession began. It was hard not to become obsessed with this man!

So today it hit me that this is another of my favourites I will never get to see live on stage. So David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Lemmy, Kurt Cobain and Freddie Mercury I hope you’re prepared for the party I have planned when I get to wherever the end of life takes us!

To the man well known for his reinvention, musical innovation and visual presentation, rest in peace Star Man and thank-you.


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