My Attempts At Being a Girl

Yes, I can paint my nails and I can add fancy pictures and patterns, however I can only do this as well as I do due to the hours upon hours sat painting tiny fiddly models for table top war gaming like Warhammer fantasy or Malifaux.


Yes, I can add a fancy layer or two of makeup if I’m venturing out to some place fancy, but I can only do this as well as I do due to the hours upon hours sat playing cosplay or planning Halloween as a kid and teen.


Yes, I can walk in sky scraper heals and have an impressive collection of shoes … I have no reasoning for this one other than its the only truly girly trait I have! That or I really want to own a pair of Tim Curry’s shoes from the elevator scene in The Rocky Horror Picture show and dance as well as him in said shoes!


Christmas has resulted in an over flowing box of beauty supplies, scents and many other wierd and wonderfully complicated creations I have no idea how to use! So I decided I would attempt to follow social expectations of girlyness!

As of two days ago I decided that just a wash with soap and water and a thorough brushing my teeth wasn’t quiet girly, so I investigated my products from Christmas. I’ve done a deep pore scrub from Burts Bees, that was simple enough and smelt really nice and I settled on this until tonight… tonight was the night to try the cleanser, toner and moisturiser set I got from Jonathans cousin. After asking my lovely friend Gemma we were non the wiser so Google and a text to my beautician besty resulted in Gemma and I learning something new! And me with a step by step guide. I followed this and realised why girls get the slating for spending so long in the bathroom! My 5 minute Bedtime bathroom routine changed to a half an hour routine tonight!!

Being girly is time consuming! I’d go back to my usual ways but I got so much stuff it would be a shame to waste! Tomorrow will be my attempt at replenishing whatever is missing from my hair with some fancy oil … I have a feeling it’ll just end up looking greasy yet smell fabulous!

Just you wait till I attempt the 3d Mascara I got! I see makeup disasters in my near future :/

love to all my readers!


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