Time To Step It Up

There’s some things I don’t blog about in great detail. Purely to ensure I don’t post things that would upset a friend or family member and to ensure I don’t breach anyone’s trust.

Some of my loyal followers may remember that I wrote a heart felt blog post or two about my grandma not being very well. I can’t give you an update there, factors beyond my control meant things … were out of my control!

But I’ve decided to stuff it and I’m going on a Grandma hunt tonight armed with treats and goodies gallore and despite family dramas or whatever other mess is going on, me and Grandma Morning (we couldn’t say Maureen as little ones) are going to relax and have a few quality hours together.

See the sickening truth is that we aren’t here forever, and we can’t change that. It’s also well known that here in the UK there is a record high of vulnerable elderly that are suffering from depression and other illnesses simply brought on by loneliness. I haven’t made nearly enough time for my grandparents and life always seems to be the excuse, work over ran, best friends got a touch of the blues, there’s only so many days this and that is available… This is not on. This will change.


Sorry for the cryptics… this was essentially just a get it off my chest post.


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