Musical A-Z To Christmas: N!

I’ve been told that the party last night was a huge success, I’ve also been told that what happens in the North Pole stays in the North Pole when it comes to those parties!

This year its not just Santa stuck in bed with a Brandy hangover, everyone but Gary Elf and Dominick the Donkey are feeling a little worse for wear! So they’ve waved some magic dust and cleaned up the North Pole in a flash and decided to go through the itinerary of Christmas, everything is in check but Santa still hasn’t gone through the naughty or nice list! (I hope Gary does it for him… he’s a little more lenient!)

Gary is a huge New Kids On The Block fan, so much so that he has ALL the band merchandise proudly displayed in his little home! He’s been singing the 1990 number 9 Christmas hit ‘This Ones For The Children’ all morning… Dominick is getting a little tiresome of it!

Dominic is hoping you can think of a different Christmas N!!


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