Friendliness IS NOT an Invite Into a Girls Bed!

It’s not often I feel so passionately negative about someone. It’s not often I have such an intense hate for someone that I become a rude, abrupt and mean person.

But then again, it’s not often someone tries to not only ruin your life but the life of the guy you’d drop everything for and devoted your heart to.

I’ve had a strange year, I have to see this person weekly purely because I have to manage them. If it was up to me they’d be out of the door, for sexual harassment as well as neglecting their jobs and occasionally quite frankly taking the piss and taking advantage of the big boss man.

Did I mention I hate this guy??

Why am I writing such a negative post after such a cheery Christmas post to wake you all up with? Well this guy is coming to my office in half an hour to get his assignments for the week off of me. I will be putting him on nights again just to ensure this is the only time I have to see him this week. I’m mad before he’s turned up, I am tense and if I’m entirely honest lost all levels of comfort. (My boss had promised he would be in the office whenever this guy was coming in… apparently promises and my comfort at work mean jack shit when he’s behind on his Christmas shopping.)

You know if someone makes you a coffee it does not mean they are interested in you, if someone shows a level of concern over your work it does not mean they’d do the same for your personal life (it’s just part of their job), if someone smiles at you whenever you enter the office it does not mean you are God’s gift to women (believe it or not that’s the same smile they give to everyone that walks in the office, that smile even greeted the post lady) and if someone goes out of their way to ensure that you have everything you need to do your job with ease, it does not mean she is about to drop the loving security of her partner or the security blanket of a wage packet just so you can get your rocks off behind your partners back.

Men like that really are filth.

This happened a while ago, and this guy has backed off. There is no longer constant texts and phone calls, there is no longer the internet stalking and there is no longer the sitting on desks beaming from ear to ear lying that they left their partner. (This didn’t stop despite me asking or even begging him to back off, what stopped it was his partner ringing my phone and shouting at ME! After hearing my side of the story she believed me over everything this guy had said to her. Funny how it stopped then!)

… so why does it still bother me?


They still walk into my office expecting friendliness, for me to give an ounce of feeling towards the pain of home (that they brought on themselves), to act like we are best of friends and nothing has ever happened, to expect the kettle on and a coffee made out of the goodness of my heart, everything like nothing happened and he can get away with anything. THAT DRIVES ME INSANE!

If it was up to me he’d have been out of a job a long, long time ago. However my boss isn’t going to let the guy who brings us money in go that easily and a replacement with his experience has proved difficult to find. I suppose it’s my fault he’s still here, I was asked if I wanted to take this all down legal routes and I said no…

So guys, friendliness and niceness does not mean you are guaranteed a girls undying love and loins. This guy has just ended up with a boss in a constant shitty ass mood.


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