Musical A-Z To Christmas: L!

Santa won last nights mince pie eating competition by default, nobody dare go up against the big man! Mrs Clause is now back in the kitchen cooking up Christmas treats in the fancy new oven Santa won as a result.

St Nick can’t stand the grumblings in his tummy any more from smelling all those delicious fresh baking scents, so has ventured out to inspect the progress of Christmas. He had a paint brush stuffed in one boot to help the toy makers, a roll of sticky tape in the other to help the wrapping elves, a bucket of wax to help the sleigh cleaning penguins hidden in his hat and a pot of glitter hooked to his belt to help the decorating polar bears. Turns out nobody needed help, so he’s gone to watch the reindeer practice their flying. Everything seems right on track at the north pole… maybe even ahead of time this year!

Gary the wise old elf (he’s almost as old as Santa don’t you know! longest living elf their is and still fitter than you and me!) found a little donkey all on his own shivering in the cold. Gary coaxed the little donkey to him with a mug of hot chocolate and learned his name is Dominick and his home was destroyed in a mud land slide miles away from here (Italy!) Dominick is now a happy resident of the North pole capital city and has offered his help in the Christmas preparations as a thank-you! Gary likes to sing the 1960’s Lou Monte hit at him whenever they cross paths!


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