Musical A-Z To Christmas: K!

Yay its Friday! No more work for two days for me but not for our north pole friends. Its getting oh so close to deadline day and the ribbon elves finally have their hands on some toys to wrap up.

Chief flight crew elf has decided that he is happy with the progress of the reindeer and they are now ready to get back into flying so they’re doing a few laps a night around the north pole, they’re glad to give their blistering hooves a rest and are making record speeds.

Santa is entering a mince pie eating contest tonight in the hopes of winning Mrs Clause a new oven, she’s over worked her old one making Christmas cakes and is convinced the oven is screaming ‘NO’ at her every time she goes near it. Santa of course is extremely confident but he has told me to let you all know he will not be sick of mince pies and cookies come Christmas eve. I was even asked to give one of those hint hint winks!

Mrs Clause heard The Killers on the radio this morning and completely missed the point of the song, but decided that a new pair of boots would be a perfect gift for the love of her life!

This one only hit number 53 on the official singles chart in 2010, personally I think it should have gotten just a bit higher.. but then I’m biased as I secretly love the killers!


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