Musical A-Z To Christmas: I!

I’ve been pulling one of those… ‘hmm, ah, errmmmm’ faces for quite some time this morning! I can’t think of an I and I’ve been rather naughty and stopped all the elves working by asking for help! They’re stumped too but they said they’ll tell Santa if I use Google, they’re already not impressed that I’m using Google to find the letters instead of making my own! I think they’re grumpy this morning and Christmas cheer is running thin since the reindeer assault course took a turn for the worst.

Prancer got a little over excited and set off before the whistle blew, with head down and antlers pointing forwards he started running as fast as he can, poor Blitzen didn’t think he’d get out of the way in time and out of panic went toilet all over the track!!

I’m going to have to cheat a little bit … Remember Jethro Tull? Of which the lead vocalist was Ian Anderson… Well he did something christmasy but it could have been happier, it seems Christmas cheer was running thin for them too!

And just because it’s christmas and we need that cheer back! Lets have this one…


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