Throw Back Thursday: A to Z … T!

Ever play those games when you can’t sleep so you think of a category and then try and come up with something for each letter of the alphabet?

So for example, category being animals

A: Ardvark

B: Badger

C: Chinchilla … and so on all the way to Z

I had one of those sleepless nights so I found myself playing this game 3 times over with music. I set myself rules that they had to be a band/artist I have listened to and loved…

Tool – Sober (slightly creepy/scary video!)

Tears For Fears – Shout

T-Rex – Get It On

Who would be your Thursday Ts?


7 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: A to Z … T!

  1. I’m feeling Motownish today, The Temptations come to mind. If you are bored and need a good movie to watch I recommend “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” then you would get to hear B.J. Thomas sing “Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head”, and if that doesn’t do it for you, Bonnie Tyler is always an option :).

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  2. Toto Africa would be right up there for me. Love that song.
    Thought you may have listed that one too, it was a regular on the car tape player….LOL

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  3. Oh and if when you get to X if XTC’s making plans for Nigel dosen’t appear I will know you spent more time asleep in the back seat than I thought…LOL


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