Choo Choo and a Music Interview!

You should all be extremely proud of me! I hate trains and usually panic at a 10 minute journey. Today I’m making a 4 1/2 hour journey for a business trip all on my own and I’ve not panicked once … Though I don’t trust the luggage holder all the way at the other end of the train! I will probably end up rugby tackling the entire train load of people to get there before everyone else to make sure no one steals my suitcase (oh how little faith I have in man kind!) No one is getting my hair straighteners damn it! 

How am I keeping myself so level headed? I hear no one at all ask …

Well, I’m currently carrying out email interviews with a few up and coming music artists and already have a few back to perfect and put together for all my loyal music loving readers here at Wafflings!

Watch this space! Music tuesdays will be back and just got a whole lot more exciting!

love to all my readers!


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