I can’t have milk very often due to a low tolerance to lactose. I can have a small amount in 24 hours before it starts to bother me, so today I treat myself to loads of fresh fruits to make a fruit salad and stood at the cream section of the supermarket working out which cream to have with it. I picked creme fraiche eventually because it’s  better for dieting people apparently.

I’ve lovingly chopped up bananas, oranges, apples, two types of grape and squeezed an orange and lemon for the juice. Added a dollop of this cream on my portion and sat down to enjoy ….

BLEURGHHH! What on earth have a just put on my fruit! 😦 yuck …

So any cooking ideas for creme fraiche?  so I can use it up!

love to all my readers!


8 thoughts on “Blurgh

  1. You can use creme freche in korma instead of cream. I’ve used it (and plain fromage frais) and it works well
    I used to make fruit salad with lemonade as the juice. Add a small pinch of cinammon and stir it up really well it was my contribution to family get togethers and I even had a chef ask me what the secret was coz it was the best fruit salad he’d ever tasted. Plums and strawberries work well in there too.

    Would a goats milk cream or yoghurt be ok for you in this instance?

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    • I can have as much goats milk as I like, but it seems to taste like sand to me … I’m so strange I know lol. I shall have to give that fruit salad a go! 🙂 xx

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      • Add some milk shake powder to it:-) I cant tell the difference in tea/coffee and the yoghurt is just about identical to my taste buds. For me its not lactose tho, its the proteins I react to.

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