When Did You Last Say ‘wow’ To Someone?


I think I’ve worked something out. Ever hear yourself or others come out with statements similar to ‘she’s your wife now, say good bye to sex!’ I’ve even been told myself not to get married because that would be the end of my sex life.

Well after an argument with the boyfriend I  worked it out.  The sex life only goes for some married couples because eventually over time (married or not) the compliments go, the excitement becomes a different kind  of excitement.

I can’t remember the last time I was told that I look good or just a simple wow uttered my way. Not without me asking anyway! Don’t get me wrong, it goes both ways, ladies we are just as bad at forgetting that instinctual, natural need to please that we had in that “honey moon period”. First (and a few after) date goes with something along the lines of ‘wow you look good in that shirt’ and ‘Oh man you are so hot in that red dress!’ A few years down the line and it becomes date night and goes a little like ‘where shall we go tonight?’ ‘Usual place, we know we like it there’ and you may look at each others outfit of choice and think ‘yum’ but that’s it, it’s a fleeting thought and how good that partner of yours looks isn’t mentioned or uttered.

I’ve often thought ‘well that effort I put in got un-noticed, I guess I’ll just go to bed/work/out.’

So guys and girls, don’t let that honey moon period go, compliment each other and when you think … wait KNOW … they look good, tell them and sweep them off their feet, like the good old days. After all being told just how sexy you are is a real confidence boost and There’s nothing better for your sex life than confidence! 🙂

love to all my readers!


5 thoughts on “When Did You Last Say ‘wow’ To Someone?

  1. I think that’s what happened to married couples down the track. Communication seems to cease. Everyone is in a routine. But I agree that both sides need to hear they look good, give them a compliment. It doesn’t hurt and it makes the person feel better about themselves!

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  2. I think part of the problem is people forget that relationships take work to be successful. In the beginning, we’re working hard to make the other person happy and we forget to do that as time goes on. My husband and I are doing our best to put in the work.

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    • Hi Rebekah! I think the willingness to do your best to make things work is definitely some if the glue to a lot of relationships! 🙂


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