Throw Back Thursday: A to Z … I!

Ever play those games when you can’t sleep so you think of a category and then try and come up with something for each letter of the alphabet?

So for example, category being animals

A: Ardvark

B: Badger

C: Chinchilla … and so on all the way to Z

I had one of those sleepless nights so I found myself playing this game 3 times over with music. I set myself rules that they had to be a band/artist I have listened to and loved…

Incubus – Drive

In Flames – Rusted Nail

InMe – Neptune

Who would you pick as your I?


7 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: A to Z … I!

  1. No I list would be complete with out Billy Idol, and you can’t go on with a good day and not think of Ice Cube, or turn on the radio right now and you would probably catch an Imagine Dragons tune.

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