Inside A Ladies Companion

I regularly get asked why I always carry such a big bag with me, or how come my handbag is so heavy.

Men in particular seem baffled by the thing most women carry daily. So I thought I’d let you delve into my handbag!


My sister in law bought me my bag from a holiday in the sun and sea for looking after her pets. Its the most daring bag I own … its my first brightly coloured bag!


1. My kindle,  I bought this for myself when I’d had a bad few months, it was my well done for getting through!  I take it everywhere with me as I love reading, if there’s a small space of time no matter where I am I will have a read of a chapter or two!
2. Paracetamol. . . A girls best friend! Also I get a lot of migraines and hip pains.
3. My honey vaseline … my love for honey products knows no bounds! It doesn’t taste as good as honey but at least my lips are soft and hydrated!
4. My batman purse I recently got from geek boutique (I found them on facebook) … I bought my partner a joker wallet at the same time! We do love batman!
5. My diary and note book, it’s not a dear diary kind of diary … just where I write my appointments and random thoughts in the notes bit.
6. Mr Mascara tweezers suprisingly handier than you would think … these tweezers have done more than pluck stray eyebrows!
7. Honey mania hand cream … smells amazing and again honey …
8. My Alice in wonderland pocket mirror
9. House keys, on here are keys to my house and keys to my parents. There’s a love heart keyring that the boyfriends mum gave me and a keyring with all the seven dwarves on that my cousin bought me.
10. Breast cancer awareness pen, I always make sure I’m carrying a pen … I have a lot of random thoughts that need adding to my diary notes, they occasionally turn from two lines in there to a full blog post on here!
11. My work keys, I have to open up and lock up … since its pretty much my office.
12. Spare hair clips, I don’t think I have ever needed spare hair clips but they are there just in case!
13. In this little envelope is a letter from my grandma telling me how much my great grandad loved me and how much I meant to him, I was very young when he died but I have a few memories and wish I had more time with him. I hope he’s proud of me! There’s also a drawing of daffodils my other grandma drew for me and a letter that went with them telling me how much she loves me and how much she thinks of me. These get transfered from bag to bag as it’s nice to have those little reminders of family and how with them you’ll always have a place in this world and of course it’s good to remind yourself you are loved!


The other side of my Alice in wonderland mirror and I always carry my favourite Estée lauder lipstick (burnished bronze) it’s very subtle and long lasting!


And of course someone who loves music as much as me would not be complete without a pair of headphones!

Now inside my purse…


My drivers licence both paper and card versions, My general store cards and bank cards, mine and Jonathans cinema cards (we pay a monthly direct debit and get to go see as many films as we want… we save fortunes!) 2 photos in there, one of mum and one of dad, there’s a selection of plasters … because you never know, a nail file, my blood doners appointment card, random receipts and when I’ve been to the bank later their will actually be money in there!


6 thoughts on “Inside A Ladies Companion

  1. I love the batman pursue and the Alice in wonderland mirror! your bag reminds me strongly of my own, big and full with personal items that make me feel happy and are essential to me

    Liked by 1 person

    • If you want to treat the blonde bomber I can post a link to the shop when im home, they do all sorts of different designs even Disney princess’s 🙂 and shoes!!!


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