So, me and my besties boyfriend got onto a rant over the new Adam Sandler film Pixels … in short, we are sick of Adam Sandler and the happy madison films.

I think little nicky and big daddy have all the hype because they were new and there was nothing else like them at the time … but it gets old fast when every film is the same! He always plays the same character and all the other characters are the same just played by different people and a different story line to try and cover up the lack of creativity.

Now, I did quite openly admit to liking Bedtime Stories … not sure I’ll watch it a second time though! We then realised that this is not a happy madison film, it’s a Disney!  Adam Sandler had nothing to do with writing or producing.

As far as Disney goes it’s not as Disney as the classics, as the cartoon clad, or the beautiful girls and Prince charmings so it’s only a little bit Disney … fairly Disney, a type of Disney film we shall call Fisney! (My phone kept auto correcting Disney to fisney!)

So what do we think is a Fisney?

The Parent Trap
Snow Dogs
Old Dogs
Race To Witch Mountain
College Road Trip …

Can we call star wars a Fisney? It’s not really your stereotypical Disney … but I am so very excited about it!

There’s so many! So many Disney films you wouldn’t pin as a Disney if you didn’t know…  Fisney should be a thing!

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Fisney

      • Ahhhh……..I see. I was beginning to have doubts about my reality there LOL
        I haven’t heard about a new Star Wars film. I sincerely hope they aren’t planning a remake *faints*
        I can totally see your point about the Adam Sandler films although I did like Click. Maybe that was the last decent one he made before they got tedious.
        But I think it could be a generational thing with regards to Fisney because the non-animated ones were still easily recognisable as Disney due to the schmalt and general over-acting of the child actors lol.

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      • Cheeky Disney trying to blind fold us while they change their style! Welp not us! We see you Disney and your fisneys lol, let me see of I can find details for star wars …

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      • Ok I can’t work how to copy the link on my phone … I’m pants! It’s The Force Awakens … I can’t wait!!! :p

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      • On my phone a long press on the address bar creates a buzz and an option to copy. Then when you want to paste you press the left hand button. Apologies for my lack of correct lingo lol

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