Is This It?

I hate the internet.

I hate how everything you do is so traceable! I wouldn’t have a Facebook account if so many of my friends didnt use it for event organising, my twitter hardly gets touched apart from to link my blog to…

A while back I had to change my blog address due to an unsavoury character having found it and stalking me on the Internet.  Well today I’ve had to disable my Skype account, this annoys me as when I finally get my own computer set up I would have used it for gaming as previous. I’ve been found again, resulting in constant Skype calls and by constant I mean as soon as I reject the incoming call they try again… instantly.

They rang yesterday while I was at that party so I handed my phone (which insists on keeping me logged into skype) over to my partner who answered in the attempt to get this guy to stop calling …. on the other end of the line was a guy heavy breathing.

Today after 10 calls I answered to say leave me alone, but it automatically opened a video of this guy playing with himself. I thought people could only call or message you if you have accepted a friend request from them?!

So do I delete all trace of me on the Internet.  Do I stop this blogging thing and go back to writing in a note book that never talks back?

I hate men that think this kind of behaviour is acceptable and I hate the Internet. 

Feeling sad and frustrated, angry and fed up!


7 thoughts on “Is This It?

  1. That’s awful!! ((((hugs))))
    If I were you, I would give the police a call on the non emergency number and report what he’s doing and ask their advice.
    You shouldnt have to hide – he should be stopped.

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    • Hi, thanks for the hugs as always! I won’t go hide really, I had just got so frustrated and mad and felt kind of violated that I sort of let loose here! Xx

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      • Good 🙂
        It seems that you need to tell him to stop, keep screenshots and evidence of you doing so and if he continues its proof of harrassment and the police can then act. I know it’s not going to be easy but he shouldnt get away with this, petal (((hugs)))

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  2. I agree! It’s a form of control by him if you go into hiding. I understand your frustration! I agree with Moongazer….let authorities know. I love your blog and would hate to see you leave 😦

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    • Aww thankyou, that’s really nice to hear. Jonathan has shown me how to block and report people on Skype so that’s my first step. Its not the same person that bothered me on here, they seem to have got the message to leave me alone. I don’t know what I do to attract such people!?

      I won’t be leaving my blog, I love all my followers and the interaction here, it’s such a nice community! But after the skype guys show and tell I’d had enough of everything so kind of exploded here! 😦

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