Please Dig Deep

I don’t normally beg … but it’s a good cause!

Around 225,000 people develop dementia every year – that’s the equivalent to one person every three minutes. This September I will be taking part in a Memory Walk to raise money for a world without dementia. Arm in arm, step by step and pound by pound, we will get there. Once you donate, Just Giving will send your money directly to the Alzheimer’s Society. So it’s the most efficient way to raise money – saving time and cutting costs for the charity. Please dig deep and help us walk for a world without dementia.

I decided to take part in this charity walk as Dementia is something that really, quite literally hits home for me and many of my loved ones. A lot of my childhood was spent in the arms of my Grandma Mac watching her slowly forget who we all were, my great aunt is currently living with her husband whom she very rarely knows who he is and my genetics sadly mean that there is a great chance that my mum and I will follow the same path as the women in the family.

A lot of my close friends also have Dementia running in their family too. It really is far too common! so please click the link below if you have anything to spare!

Much love to you all! xx


12 thoughts on “Please Dig Deep

      • Aww you absolute star! Thankyou! My dodgy hip will be ignored, Jonathan will be walking with me too and I shall sure as hell walk for everyone effected by dementia :p xx

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      • You are the star, petal!! Are you going to be ‘training’ for it?
        My dad had dementia and we got far more support from the charities than we did from the nhs. It’s a terrible, cruel disease and I am more than happy to contribute xx

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      • I walk to and from work every day the route i take takes 8 minutes … but there’s a longer route I can take that takes 25, I think doing that 5 days a week and doing my getting fit plan my friend set up for me I should be well prepared and my hip will be used to the strain … I hope haha I managed to run 10k for breast cancer last year on no training but I was sore for days after!

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      • Wow! If you can do a 10k with no training, you should be fine 🙂 but get dosed up on painkillers just before the start for your hip. I’ve just recruited another donation for the cause too 🙂

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