My Best Friend


Today is father’s day. I saw my dad last night,  took him his presents (a fancy lighter with an engraved message, some liquorice and some nougat and my brother got him some whisky!)

So, a little bit about the guy who will always be my number one man in my life…

We’ve not always seen eye to eye, we’ve not always been the best of friends but at the end of fall outs there was always a hug, a sorry and ‘I love you’ and there was always a lesson in there some where … mainly stop being a stupid teenager and make better life choices!

Now I’m older and a little wiser I know and I understand all those little fights and fall outs, I understand the time he went away for a couple of days without telling us … life throws a lot at you and sometimes the company of just yourself is the best medicine, I understand just how difficult and frustrating little me and James could be! I hold no grudges for my dad being my dad, of course!

He’s my best friend, he’s the guy that gets that first phone call or text when I’m down or stressed and though I don’t always say that I need a hug, he always knows. He’s the man that makes me laugh no matter what’s been going on that day and though grown up life leaves me with not enough time as I’d like to see my dad, he’s the guy I count down the days till I know I’ll be seeing him again.

The day my dad let me into his little world was amazing, there I sat next to a beautiful body of water with a green fishing rod and maggot in hand being shown that it’s not so squeamy and just hook it on! (Dad still has to put on my wiggly bait whenever we go fishing!) And I caught two … ok they were little but I was proud … two fishes that glistened in the day light and showed off some beautiful colours that you don’t always see when they’re under the water. Dad took them off the hook,  made sure they were ok and we set them free again. I now have my own bright pink fishing rod for sea fishing, stood on the edge of the cliffs in Scotland fishing with dad and uncle Ian really is a highlight of the family holidays!

My dad showed me a freedom I would have never felt before, one cold winter evening he put my mums motor bike boots and leathers on me, wiggled a helmet onto my head and took me to see the Christmas lights, we went for miles and though my feet were getting cold and numb it was amazing, like flying and I knew I was safe with my hero in control.

There’s a little workshop at the bottom of mum and dads garden, and here is dad’s space. Within this space he creates lots of wierd and wonderful creations, some that have made mum pull a wtf face (it was some sort of see in the dark thing for airsofting with my brother and boyfriend i believe) but they all serve a purpose and in my kitchen as we speak is a beautiful yet rough spice rack that will never ever be thrown away! I loved my hand made Christmas present! Hung on my brothers wall is a 3d frame with shelves inside for his wife’s Lego people to stand in that was a home made Christmas gift too another creation from dad’s shed.

My prized possession though? My dolls house, I’m 26 and still have it… it needs some love and attention now though, bits are starting to fall off. Why is this my prized possession? Well it’s the first project me and dad did together. We built it sat cross legged around the coffee table endlessly gluing bits of wood together.  I’d love a glass cabinet to display it in my house, at the moment its gathering dust in the spare room.

So to my daddy, my hero, my best friend. I love you and I am forever thankful for all the life lessons, for all the times you’ve picked me up and shook me off and for all the times you’ve shown me your world.



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