Get Messy For Beauty!


This nail varnish has to be the messiest I have ever used!  It’s so thin it just dribbles off the brush and runs down your fingers! But once you’ve mastered it the colours really are amazing and it honestly is instant dry … well 15 seconds and poof Tis dry!


Just look at that messy silver!


They’re £1.99 at the local beauty shop and it’s pay day! … ok I went a bit crazy, but they’re so cheap!


15 thoughts on “Get Messy For Beauty!

      • Every now and then I have a clear out and only keep the ones I know I will read again. The rest go to the local library who are always delighted to get them.
        I have resisted getting a kindle. It just wouldn’t feel ‘right’ to me, but I completely understand why people have them. One or two people have suggested I am encouraging the cutting down of trees *glares* so I just remind them that if ever an EMP happens, I shan’t be stuck for reading material LOL xx

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      • Lol! Oh these tree folks! I love the feel of a book, and the smell! (Am I wierd? Lol) but my house is too itsy bitsy for my passion for reading and I struggle to say good bye to characters, it was a traumatic experience taking a load of books to the charity shop!

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      • I’m usually one of the tree folk myself LOL
        It is traumatic, I know. But I reason that if I am not going to read them again, it’s only fair to let someone else read them.

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      • I don’t actually know the ins and outs of book making …. do they have a specific book forest? Do they look at a tree and go ‘yep that’s going to be another Greatest Expectations!’ … sorry I’ve had a drink! (Looks embarrassed!) Hugs right back missy, and it’s nice to see you, it’s been quietish in your little corner of WordPress!

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      • Neither did I. It’s about 7.50 a month by the look of it, so I guess it depends on how many you read in a month as to whether it’s worth it or not. But how do you return them? O_o

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