Are You Really?

According to Google images I'm not the only wistful daydreamer!

I got to thinking about maybe having a cheeky sneaky kiss with that extra sexy famous man, as a girl does once in a while. Just think, a timid knock on your front door followed by the most confident door opening you could ever muster. (Because not once in your day dream world do you open the door with a droopy look on your face and waving a £20 note whilst in your 10 year old night gown … my takeaway delivery driver puts up with a lot!)

And there he is, looking flustered and a little embarrassed ‘um my car broke down, I’m lost and I’m way passed my check in time for the hotel…’

Of course he can’t resist your door greeting charm and that sexy cocktail dress you just happen to be wearing. So when you invite him to stay the night he cannot refuse! You both get a bit drunk and giggly, your both flirting away and it happens! No longer can he resist your womanly charm, your feminine body (love handles and all) and he’s whisked you off your feet with a full embrace and the most passionate kiss a girl could ever experience.

And they all lived happily ever after …

BUT if this were to happen are you really as good a kisser as the first ever boyfriend told you? Are you really so charming that you are to be irresistible to anyone caught in your Web of lust and want? Are you really as gifted with ‘moves’ as your last ex told you? Or are you just going to send that hunk with the sexy voice running?

Is it just a line… one to be used whenever they think that maybe they might just not get laid that night? ‘Oh honey I’ve never been kissed the way you kiss me … so soooo hot!’

How do we really know that we are as good as we think we are when it comes to dating, sex or a long term thing? 

I think about me and Jonathan and how not once has he ever said you’re so good at that without prompt but also he’s never turned my slobbering chops away when I’m in a kissing mood … apart from that once I had a cling on, you know the little boogers/bogies that hang on for dear life! Those embarrassing little green monsters!

Random fact … I write about 10% of my blogs whilst in the bath … this is one of them!


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