Malifaux and Warhammer Fantasy

So, I try and get myself involved in my partners interests. He plays a lot of table top games like Warhammer, Bolt Action and Malifaux … and something with napoleon figures. Every one of them mean you have models to build and paint to create your war band. Now being an arty crafty kind of person I love the building and painting and creating the little characters. As for playing the actual game once they’re ready … well lets just say I’m learning… very slowly! There’s so many rules!

I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve built and painted!

So that’s warhammer fantasy … my ogres and goblins. That now just sit like ornaments in a display cabinet!

My Malifaux however do get played with – I just need to get the painting finished!

Before Painting!
That tiny thing to the left is an arm… so very fiddly!

Base coat and shading complete – still a long way till completed
Skin, shading and tiny modesty cloth done… still a long way to completion!

3 thoughts on “Malifaux and Warhammer Fantasy

  1. Very nice! I used to play Warhammer Fantasy before I had children. Now my children play with their father. But mainly Warhammer 40K. They have also played Malifaux and many other table top games.

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