Where is my Mind?!

I have a diary, I have a journal, I have a note book. I can’t find one of them! Has someone stole my inner thoughts!? SOMEONE STOLE MY MIND!


4 thoughts on “Where is my Mind?!

  1. Oh No!! Did the cake eat them? The cat? I’d check the pinny gigs, if I were you 😛
    That’s a horrible feeling when you lose something so personal. I hope you find them soon xx

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    • Teach me to put them in one of those safe places. You know the sort of places that are so safe even you can’t get to them!
      The pinny gigs (hehe I love that!) are very good at eating things we leave on top of their cages and forget about it… many bills have been half eaten and my last hospital appointment sign in letter had a lovely, big hole in the middle!

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      • I do indeed know what you mean. I have places that safe too, usually for things l need in a hurry and are very important. I suspect it’s connected to the same negative space socks go to in the wash.
        I love pinny gigs 🙂 I miss not having them 😦 and they are voracious little munchers. Our liked to gnaw on the wooden wall of their bedroom. We provided special gnawing things for them, but it didnt make any difference. I came to the conclusion it was an attempt at making the ‘doorway’ big enough for them both to rush through at the same time, bless em.
        You’ll probably remember where you put them while doing something else, like falling asleep. My daughter swears by asking for things back outloud. It works for her, but not for me :/

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      • I think the fella would be very confused if I stood in the middle of the room and shouted ‘I want my diary back’ he’ll think I’m having one of my mood swings or funny turns again haha

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