Throw Back Thursday: Stranglers

My dad is a huge fan of The Stranglers.

When me and my brother were younger our parents used to take us here there and everywhere and show us how truly beautiful Britain is if you look in the right places! We had many tapes and CD’s to play in the car, everyone of them building a soundtrack of our travels.

I’ve always had a huge imagination that as a result has given me the ability to build images, pictures and stories in my head when listening to music. There was always one that would pop up in our soundtrack that would terrify me! It’s haunting, it’s dark, it’s… a brilliant piece of music… but my my did it scare little me! Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: Stranglers

    • It now reminds me of those dummies you used to see at seaside arcades that you paid 2p to make them laugh!
      Goodness me you’ve been busy on my blog! Thank-you so very much! 😀 xx

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      • I knew I’d missed some of your posts recently and went to catch up but was gobsmacked at just how many I hadn’t seen!
        My toothache had woken me up and your blog was a very welcome distraction. You made me smile lots 🙂 xx

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      • Aww, I hope the dentist can sort it on Wednesday, nothing worse than tooth ache when you can’t sleep as is!
        I’m glad I was a distraction for you! I’ll be around for many years for those sleepless nights 😉 xx

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