A Weekend Round Up


I’ve been either really busy this weekend or too lazy to get up early and do a Sunday photo album post like usual!  To be honest it would have probably been my failed attempts at gardening, progress shots from planting a little tree on Friday to its growth of … loosing all its leaves and branches to transform into a not so beautiful fluffy looking stick! The impressive green thumb that runs through my family managed to skip me somehow, the only thing I have successfully grown is peppermint which apparently isn’t that impressive, as far as plants go mint is rather independent and doesn’t need much care!

So my weekend went a bit like this…

Friday I set off for work as I do every Friday, and due to it being rather quiet for a Friday, ended up curled up on the office chair watching Star-Trek on the telly that was installed to watch news, so when clients come in we look respectable and knowledgeable… or something! During adverts I made name tags for each engineer to stick on their pigeon holes and that is all to report for my Friday work day! Finishing at 3 I enjoyed my walk home in the sun, (yes wet and miserable Britain got a splashing of sunshine last week!) and got home to clean up the house whilst Jonathan did one of his game reviews, or whatever he was doing with his good friend.

7pm rolled around and we braved what my darling other half calls ‘Mordor’ due to the stress and horrors of our local supermarket! Now it’s nothing against the supermarket chain itself… we just have a few … ummm … characters that live in our area. It’s always hard work, people go so slow down isles just casually browsing things that they have no intention of buying. This wouldn’t be an issue if people didn’t abandon their shopping trolleys all over the isles to create some sort of obstacle course whilst the rest of us barge through at a determined speed and huff and tut at each other due to the near collisions and only just dodges of their army of children running riot … or as Friday nights children insisted on doing, laying in the middle of the isle with a crowd of people casually just stood around them chatting amongst themselves.

Also why do supermarkets insist on putting all the heavy things like pop, beers and tins at the furthest end of the supermarket. I don’t know how many times I had to re-arrange the shopping trolly to avoid squashing the fresh tomatoes and salad goods picked up near the entrance!

Ok we treated ourselves… despite Jonathan being on a diet and myself always conscious of my weight (which never seems to go down despite trying) we piled a corner of the shopping cart up with chocolate, biscuits and fruity cider to chill out together and relax. Shhh don’t tell Johns dieting partner (his mum)!

Saturday I had the pleasure of getting to see my parents and my grandparents on mums side. My Granddad Brian and Grandma Margaret, they are extremely loving and always welcoming, you feel like your going to one of your homes as soon as you walk through the door. Due to the sunshine and lovely weather we’ve had they’d been out in their garden, which is absolutely stunning. I wish I had taken some Photo’s for you all, maybe next time! There’s a huge blossom tree that sheds huge petals and dots the always luscious green grass with pink and white, little wooden ducks dotted around and right at the bottom of the garden is Granddads pride and joy, the green house! There’s always something growing in there, tomatoes, garlics, chillies, cucumbers and bright vibrant exotic plants. This garden would be near the top if someone asked me to list my top 10 beautiful places!

Saturday night Jonathan, Mike and my brother James went to a night game of airsofting… if this is something you’re unfamiliar with, well it’s um… they run around big forests pretending to be soldiers and shoot each other with guns that fire little white balls, that hurt! Much like paint balling… but less damaging to the washing machine! My hoover however does occasionally throw tantrums and fire little white ball bearings about the house! So Sarah (My sister in law), Helen (mikes wife) and me got into our onsies and snuggled up on the sofa with the brothers dog Pops and watched movies whilst drinking our weight in cocktails. It was lovely day over all!

Sunday was the day that had the awful tag of ‘Housework Sunday’, being rather optimistic after all this sun I put a load of washing into the machine and went about the tasks of bed stripping, hoovering, dusting, pillow fluffing and cat hair removal only to look up to see the rather heavy pitter patter of good old British rain on the patio doors. Sigh… not as much washing done as I had hoped as everything is hung around the house in an attempt to dry and there really is no more room to hang things… curtain rails are buckling under the weight of wet clothes on hangers, radiators are all covered and the indoor clothes horse thingy is full! It looks like a back street laundromat at home!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too! What did you get up to?


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