Those Were the Days


I had the pleasure of having a silly chit chat with a good friend of mine this morning and we found ourselves reminiscing of those childhood games. So I thought it would be nice to share some of the silly childhood stories with you this Friday!



We used to play many varieties of tig but our favorite at school was always ‘Off Ground Tigs’. We’d decide who was ‘on’ first and they’d have to chase us around until they managed to tap us, (or in some case hit us or push us mid stumble and fall) then the person who had received a shout of ‘TIG YOU’RE IT!’ mid tap would be ‘on’! The only safety was if your feet were off the ground, BUT if you stayed on the same ‘base’ for too long you were automatically ‘on’. Teachers would regularly patrol the school grounds shouting at us for climbing the railings, sitting in trees or standing on benches!

We used to play with a girl who didn’t have the upper body strength to dangle from tree branches and climbing frames like the majority of us, so one lunch time she asked us to tie her to a tree, I’m not sure what our child hood logic was on this occasion but we all agreed, we managed to tie her to the tree so she was ever so slightly suspended off the ground. She looked like she was a tree huger on a hippy protest! Anyway, because she wasn’t running around with the rest of us we all forgot about her… and most assumed she wasn’t playing! The poor little love was left tied to this tree until a teacher asked why she wasn’t in the following lesson!

There were always the kids that wouldn’t be willing to share their base and so many children ended up with grazed knees and elbows as they were shoved off benches and railings! There was always that one kid who would stand by your base till your time was up or you couldn’t hold on any longer and tig you as soon as you fell! We were ruthless!

Kissy Cats


Much like tig… however it was everybody trying to catch everyone, and if you caught someone you had to kiss them! We were far too young and most of the time ended up catching each other shouting ‘ewwwww coottiieess!’ and running away giggling.

There was one day when a kiss did happen, it was scandalous! Kerry and Michael had kissed, a quick innocent peck to Kerry’s blushing cheek. It was all our 8 year old selves could talk about for months! They never really lived it down!

Hot Lava


This was one of my favorite Gym Class activities. Mrs Broughton would set up an obstacle course of trickery where we’d have to get round as quick as we could without touching the floor, there’d be levels to jump up or across and much cheering if you fell off!

There was a day I didn’t quite make it round, I didn’t touch the floor of hot lava… no… I clung on for dear life and got stuck in the gymnast hoops that you could dangle from, I set the record for the longest time round the track! Poor Mrs Broughton had to convince my crying adolescent self that it really wasn’t that high up and I could easily drop without hurting myself. I think in the end she had to lift me down!



So there was a postman who would give you a topic, for example pokemon. The post man would then turn around and face the wall whilst the group of home owners each picked a pokemon then one of those people had to post the letters to the postman and reel off the list of pokemon to deliver. The home owners then had to stand in a line and face away from the postman who would proceed to knock on your back and try and guess which pokemon you had picked… so ‘Knock knock, did you order Charmander?’ if you had then you had to race the postman back to the wall and back to the ‘houses’ until you had spelled out p-o-s-t-m-a-n, each letter at each point.

We loved this game and it’s always been one that has stuck with me, when we had done pokemon one of us didn’t really know what they were. So they chose ‘Peekapoo!’ Queue uncontrollable childish giggling and a rather confused teacher when we all screamed ‘peekapoo’ at him and belly laughed! Oh how I miss that childish humor.

So there you go, 4 of my favorite ‘little school’ games! What games do you remember from your school years?

I hope you all have a fun filled weekend! ❤


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