Who’s Playing Number Games

Don't be fooled!
Don’t be fooled!

I started out blogging with a twitter style etiquette, you follow me and I’ll follow back. After spending my morning with some effort scrolling through the reader – that WordPress sometimes helpfully puts everything on and then other times decides to pick and choose what I see… (if you have this problem you can add details HERE.) – I found that I was skimming titles and bloggers to find ones that stuck out or my favorite writers, whilst my brain was shouting ‘man there’s some rubbish on here’.

Don’t take things so personally folks, I may not mean you!

Despite all this I couldn’t make myself click the ‘un-follow’ button, I couldn’t bring myself to make someone sit there and wonder what happened, wonder if you were not a likable person or a good enough writer to keep followers. Thing is you could be an amazing writer and extremely likable, I just don’t hold the same interests as you! So from now on, I’ll just follow what I like! I will be un-following the marketing blogs and the robots though!

If I enjoy your blog you’ll know, I make a point of liking posts and commenting if I have something valuable to say… and this is where I stop writing and run over to a few blogs to like and comment!

hmm… I suppose everything’s a numbers game!


8 thoughts on “Who’s Playing Number Games

  1. I love this. I feel the same exact way. At first, I went through certain tags and followed everyone until about last week I realized I should probably stop. I was trying to reach out to as many as I could, to show interest, but then my reader became so clogged! I was skimming and realized I had soooo many people who didn’t bother to comment back or even acknowledge that I took the time to view their works. My ratio was like following 2000 and about 350 followed me back. That’s pretty crazy. It wasn’t all about that though…

    Anyway, I went through and really narrowed that down. I felt bad about it but you know, honestly, it all works out now because I can read easier. Some were fantastic blogs but it gets old commenting on these posts and reaching out, not even to feel appreciated.

    AH. Well, thanks for sharing. This is so true – everything you speak is proverb.

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      • I feel better now that I have tidied up a bit. I feel sad to have unfollowed people but there has to be a time when enough is enough, ya know? The people who HAVE been there weren’t getting as much attention when having my reader so flooded. Thank you for your response! 🙂

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  2. When I started, I never followed everyone that followed me. Only ones that looked interesting to me. And not everyone that I follow blogs regularly. Honestly, I probably miss reading some blogs as well.

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    • I think I miss a lot of the blogs I really like having so many blogs on my reader!
      Nice to see you datingflops, I haven’t seen you for a little while! Hope all is well 🙂


  3. Thank you for including the link xx
    True to the wappy reader I have missed seing a few posts – including this one!
    The follow you/follow me thing is weird sometimes. It is nice to see new followers but followers doesnt equal readersbut without followers no-one will read regularl. I always look at the blogsof new followers and follow them if I like their blog. But I never *expect* a return follow for the sake of iit the way some people do. I really hope they can solve the reader issue tho!

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