March Throw Back Thursdays Explained


Every Thursday this March will be a throw back Thursday based on my college years, it was hard thinking of just 4 bands when I circle my life around music. I had so many bands that picked me up on the lowest days and kept me soaring on the highest days. I had an ever changing playlist on my I pod and my favorite memories of college are of laying on the grass outside and singing at the top of our lungs to the songs, I was blessed with some amazing friends who kept me going and would not let me quit. I also had those friends you thought were friends, but learnt a little too late that they really weren’t. But I’m sure we’ve all had friends like that at some point in our lives!

I chose my college life for my birthday month as it’s a part of my life that will always stick with me, I had many obstacles thrown my way that helped me become the person I am today, they made me strong and value everything I have, as much as I didn’t enjoy a lot of my college days, I am thankful for them.


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