Throw Back Thursday: Suzi Quatro


Thank-you dad for your amazing and diverse music taste! A lot of the music I listen to is due to my parents and their astounding array of musical tastes.

My first live act I Ever saw (That I can remember!) was Suzi Quatro headlining an Americana festival. We had gone as a family; Mum, dad and the big brother, we drooled over american muscle cars on show, shopped at all the country themed stalls and bought cowboy hats and picnic blankets so we could relax and watch the live acts on the night.

Suzi Quatro was fantastic, her muscular yet feminine shoulders holding her bass in place as she owned the entire stage. Queue another drooling session from my dad!

I have no sound on this PC so hopefully this is a good quality recording!

Enjoy Folks ❤


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