Dodgy Phone Calls

I think… Maybe… Possibly… I broke some sort of law!

So… the office phone rang and I was all like

‘Good afternoon -insert my company name here- this is Vicky.’

‘Well HELLoOO Mrs Metcalf!’ (I am not married and this is not my surname)


‘I’m just calling to tell you Alice, do you mind if I call you Alice? you’ve won a holiday!’

At this point I realize this lady has not listened to my opening line, so I play along for a little while.

‘Oooh and how did Mrs Metcalf achieve that?’

‘Ah I will call you Mrs Metcalf then. Well we drew your name out of a hat essentially! Congratulations’

‘Mrs Metcalf doesn’t like holidays. I like cats.’

‘Oh don’t worry Mrs Metcalf I’m sure there’s a kennels near you that will take good care of your cats.’

Wow this person must think Mrs Metcalf is a little bit nuts!

‘How did you get the office number?’

‘It’s in our system for you Mrs Metcalf, would you like me to change it.’

‘No. Take it off. Mrs Metcalf doesn’t like holidays’

Oh how I loath those marketing cold calls! I realize they’re just doing a job that probably only just puts food on their tables. But some times I really feel like screaming at them!

… I’m so naughty!


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