That’s Me Folks!

My favorite time of day is the quietest. I like my own company, chuck in some head phones and play my favorite songs in a room otherwise silent. Do whatever I feel like doing with my surrounding quiet. Peace is rather therapeutic!

Also, I’m one of those people that wont feel awkward in silence, even if others are radiating awkwardness, I’m happy, I’m content. No judging what comes out of my mouth, no internal cursing at my idiocy that comes so often with speaking before thinking and no trying too hard. I just get to be me in the company of others and relax.

So whether alone or in company, lets keep it down shall we? Enjoy the pauses in life, they really are few and far between.

Though when I say silence, I don’t mean that creepy quiet with just a hum of electrics (or worse – the lack of) in an empty building. You know the sort, the sort that plays havoc on your imagination, the kind that makes you feel watched or not quite alone, the kind that makes you think the shadow man is lurking! In those situations I’d much rather have my music, or even a fellow quiet hand to hold… no, not yours shadow man!



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