Fast Forward to the Weekend Please

Oh my! Its actually a crab in a mini Sea Hawks helmet! Rather fitting!
Oh my! Its actually a crab in a mini Sea Hawks helmet! Rather fitting!

I’m a little crabby today, my night of fitful sleep has resulted in me favortising people in my life, already I’ve turned off my text and Facebook notifications on my phone, told people I am far too busy to entertain them (to be fair I was this morning!) and I’m sorry to say I have picked out a couple blogs that I’m following and read them based on the title… where as I normally make an effort to read them all! I’m sorry folks, I shall have an early night tonight.

The office radio has been playing some pretty perky tunes all morning, so I’m slowly getting out of my funk … until the 2 hour debate show is on!

So this weekend could not come quick enough, its a weekend in with friends and slippers and snuggle jumpers so our party dresses can have a rest! We’re planning on a few drinks and a games night Saturday followed by many drinks for the Super Bowl Sunday. Since my team was out a while ago, I guess I’ll have to cheer for the partners favorites and don my Patriots pom poms!

Friday plans; After a shift at work I will have to come home and sort the spare rooms, super shine the bathroom and kitchen, clean out the guinea pigs and tell the devil rabbit he best behave otherwise he’ll be Christmas dinner this year, there’s only so many times you can apologize for a rabbit who destroys everything! ( I think he knows I say it with love, he avoided the pot last year!) Then it will be a bubble bath with chocolates and my book and an early night for me in preparation for a heavy drinking weekend!

Saturdays plans; People (all 8 of them) will turn up around 7:30 to snuggle up around the dining room table where a game of Dungeons and Dragons will pursue… whilst we are as glamour-us as our wages will allow and extremely girly, we still have a nerdy side! So there will be many eye liner eyes around the table but they will be plotting domination of a fantasy world.

Sunday plans; People who stayed over will wake up and most likely wake my drooling self in the process and a day of baking and cooking will commence until the Super Bowl… buns and Buffalo wings galore! We will attempt to cheer in all the right places (umm boo Sea Hawks!) and sing along to Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz. Much to the boys dismay but they love us anyway!

Don’t panic… Monday has been booked off work so there’ll be no drunken errors.

What are your plans for the weekend? I hope you have lots of fun planned too! ❤

PS; A note on eating chocolate in the bath – I wouldn’t recommend flakes or twirls, fishing out chocolate crumbies isn’t as fun as you’d think!


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