Wardrobe Malfunction Predicted!


I’m going to a ‘Ladies Night’ tomorrow.

‘Come and join us for a glass or two of wine, whilst having your nails filed and polished by a trained nail technician. If you don’t fancy having your nails done why not try having a relaxing massage or facial. Enjoy some food whilst treating yourself to samples of Body Shop and Temple Spa gifts.’

How could me and my girls say no to that!? So I messaged the event organizer and asked for more details and paid our deposits. Kirsty, Sam, Claire, Dawn, Paula and me are going to get extra girly! Within our ticket price we were promised wine, beauty samples, facials, massages, nails and TOPLESS WAITERS, on top of that there’s a chance to buy the product of any of the beauty samples we’ve tried.

What on earth do you wear to something like that?! I’ve dug out some tights and a formal dress with a floaty scarf and my bling! But then again is it just a dress up your casual jeans sort of event? We are all a bit stuck on what to wear…


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Malfunction Predicted!

  1. The topless waiters are really tempting. Just wear something casual, I think, the hot topless waiters will serve you anyway. And you’re there to have fun, and relax, not show off your fashion skills. Just a tip. Sounds like a great programme though, so have fun! xox 🙂

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