A Bucket List


Day 19 —Write a list of 25 (or just 5!) things you want to do in your life.

I was surprisingly quite looking forward to writing this post, something to work through and towards. This is something I’ve never actually done! So here goes:

  1. Go on a plane (I have never had the privilege of a holiday abroad, I think I’ll be stood hyperventilating in the terminal and get carted off for suspicious behavior! ‘honest officer, I’ve just never done this before and really REALLY like my feet on the floor!’)
  2. Buy a forever home (We’re currently in a home we got through the death of a family member. Its falling apart and really needs a lot of work at the moment its too expensive to maintain and a sad memory.)
  3. Have a family of my own. (I cannot wait to be a proud mummy and grow with my children! Saying that the pregnancy scare a few month back really was a scary time, I can’t afford children and as of yet am not in a secure position in life.)
  4. Go on a safari.
  5. Learn to legally drive. (Many driving lessons later, and I’m still not quite there! But this one is currently in action.)
  6. See the Northern Lights. (I have always had a fascination with the northern lights, so it would be amazing to actually see them for myself.)
  7. New years in New York
  8. See all of my favorite bands/artists live. (This is something I’ve been working on for years, because I have a lot of favorites and they form a very long list!)
  9. Road trip!
  10. Go to a festival. (My partner keeps nagging me to go to a festival, so I’m putting this on here… let the saving up commence! I will still shudder at the thought of festival toilets and no showers!)
  11. Experience zero gravity
  12. Go ghost hunting. (Somewhere that isn’t my home, I’d like to see things for myself, make myself once and for all a believer or not!)
  13. Adopt a dog (When we are guinea pig and rabbit free!)
  14. See a drive in movie (I just really like the idea of movies outdoors with a picnic)
  15. Ride in a hot air balloon (over somewhere nice… my home time really isn’t that pretty!)
  16. Buy my parents a holiday (Somewhere they’ve never been)
  17. Go whale and dolphin watching
  18. Go on a Spa holiday with my girlies!
  19. Be everything that my loved ones need. (If I realistically can of course!)
  20. Volunteer for a charity. (I’ve donated, collected donations and done bake sales and such. But I think its about time I got really stuck in and gave my time to the people or animals who need it… I can’t settle on a charity so will hopefully do this a few times!)

I can’t think of another five!

Whilst doing this I did a little bit of research as to what regularly pops up on bucket lists… and found I am extremely lucky that I have done a lot of things others have only so far managed to put on a wish list. I regularly donate blood, kiss in the rain, I know how to salsa and ballroom dance (granted not particularly gracefully) I’ve seen many wonders of England, I’ve slept in castles, and I’ve done so much more!


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